About Digger inu

Digger inu will stand higher than Doge, Shiba, Floki, Pepe, ETC in the not too distant future.

" I will give 1 million Doge coins to anyone who can prove my family owns an emerald mine", Elon Musk said.

Try to find Elon's emerald mine and get rewarded by himself. Pay attention to the details to prove this.
Diggerinu dogs and miners entered in the competitive market with diverse projects; Mobile games, NFT collection, exclusive decentralized exchange (DEX), spot and futures trading signals, token mining.
* Our activities are aimed at the tokens grows and development taking into account the benefit of all. *
- Diggerinu games will be released for Android and iOS soon. You get tokens by playing and passing stages and challenges.
- Our NFT Collection will be published and available to the public soon. Some of these NFTs will be given to the holders as a gift and by lottery.
- Diggerinu decentralized exchange to trade and exchange all digital currencies.
- Trading signals: We introduce digital currency buying and selling positions with a professional trading team and detailed analysis.
- In order to easily extract tokens, you should buy miner devices from Diggerinu store. These devices will be available in the market soon.
Software extraction is also possible.
* Liquidity pool holders and providers will benefit from many benefits. Liquidity pool providers will receive profit from transactions and will have a fixed profit along with it.*
The total number of Diggerinu tokens is 1,971,628,000,000, which is a secret. There are other secrets hidden in this token that will cause the significant growth of Digger.

Opportunity to grow, socially and economically

we established a game studio for further development of the digger organization. Hence we intend to develop popular games on various platforms.
By installing and playing digger games, players receive tokens and NFTs, which finally will lead to the growth of the organization as well as our tokens.
A percentage of the revenue will be donated to charitable NGOs as well as token holders and the development and marketing team.
Online gaming is no longer just a pastime. digger exciting games will be launched in a short time. You just need to download game apps and install on your mobile phones and be on the go. You will receive tokens for earning point in the game. Participants earn points by completing each mission.In our play-to-earn games, players can receive rewards with real-world value. Also valuable NFTs are hidden in the games, you need to complete the challenges and find them to own those NFTs which can be sold in Opeansea platform.
digger amusing games are being developed to entertain members, connect them together and help them to earn tokens and NFTs which finally help grow our network and empower our community currency.
After developing various games, our next step is to enter Metaverse. we will have our games and activities there too.
💠 Enjoy, Earn and Enhance the quality of human society!

Token info

  • Symbol: Digger inu           Decimals: 18          Network: Binance Smart Chain           Total Supply :   1,971,628,000,000
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Digger inu

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Our Tokenomics


Of Each Transaction
Added to Liquidity Pool


Of Each Transaction
ReDistributed to Holders



  • 1st

    Website Development
  • 2nd

    Launch Digger inu
  • 3rd

    Listing on Pancakeswap
  • 4th

    Listing on coinmarketcap
  • 5th

    5000 Twitter Followers
  • 6th

    Being Listed on Prominent Exchanges
  • 7th

    Donating to Pertinent NGOs
  • 8th

    launch trading signals platform
  • 9th

    launch decentralized exchange
  • 10th

    Develop Game

Our member

Digger inu team

Linkedin Account: Willie sidibe
Linkedin Account: Treyvon Muhammed